On Sunday, May 1st at 11:00 AM labour and community activists will hold a rally and march from Centennial Square, in Downtown Victoria.  This year marks the 130th Anniversary of May Day.  In 1886 workers across the US, particularly in Chicago, struck for the 8-hour day.  The struggle for improvements in the lives and working conditions of the laboring class continues to this day.  

            The Victoria May Day Festival Committee continues to work towards a meaningful marking of this occasion and its importance to the International Working Class. We intend to march from Centennial Square in Victoria to the Fernwood Community Centre where the Retail Action Network is assembling citizens for skills and material exchange for barter. Worker related cultural events are also planned in the days following the march.

            We are composed of workers and activists from various unions including CUPE, IWW, Unifor, BCGEU and CUPW.  The continuing assaults on the bargaining and human rights of all citizens but particularly unionized workers throughout the world must be challenged.

            Last year’s celebration saw a boisterous march of over 150 citizens from The Harbour to Centennial Square.  Like last year we’re hiring pedicabs to accommodate elders and disabled.  Marchers will be encouraged to join in chants and relevant songs including “Power in the Union”, “The Internationale”(sung in many languages) and “Union Maid”.

We hope that you can join us.  

For further information contact:
Carlos Flores, Chairperson (250-598-7690 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)   John Shaw, Treasurer(250-920-6770) or Art Farquharson(250-384-6893)

May Day – International Workers’ Day – May First – March and Rally in Victoria.